Modular Accessory Guide

Our packing tables as standard start at 800mm x 600mm up to 2000mm x 1200mm, our most popular dimensions can be found browsing our products. We do however offer completely bespoke sizes to fit your exact requirements.

All our tables use robust mild steel 40x40 box section and are usually fully welded for increased strength and load capacity however we do now offer a new flat pack range of tables at a reduced cost while still keeping the same quality found on our welded tables whilst being able to assemble within 5-10 minutes. 

Our site offers prebuilt tables that previous clients have commonly requested however our standard tables can be customized to meet your requirements, the following small guide outlines the key points and information of all our modular accessories which are available. 

Shelving Options

We offer shelving in 2 main configurations which change how the table is manufactured slightly.

Lower shelf

Additional shelving positioned under the main worktop which sits on the table frame for increased rigidity. Ideal for additional storage of tools or other products using the same sturdy 18mm thick MDF found on the main table top.

Upper Shelf

Involves extending the table frame up to support an extra shelf situated above the main table top. As standard this is usually a 300mm deep shelf but the height can be set to your requirements depending on the intended use, the workers future needs or to make space for other modular equipment such as roll holders or cutters.

Packing Station Accessories

The following are typically found on our packing stations, the specific accessories are suited for workstations used within pack houses and distribution centres. (please note we supply packing station equipment as fully stand alone products that can work in conjunction with standard tables as a more portable temporary solution which can be easily moved when not in use found here)

Roll Holders

Our roll holders can be positioned either under or above the main workstation for optimal positioning. The lower roll holder is generally more suited for heavier, larger diameter packing material, while the above holder is ideal for smaller rolls such as paper. Both are easily detachable for quick roll replacement.


Our newly redesigned table top cutter is both a time and labour saving addition to any of our packing stations. Sitting neatly at the back it works in conjunction with our roll holders, simply fee the packing material through the cutter holding it in place with the weighted bar and then cut to your desired sizes. 


Additional Storage options can be added to our standard tables for when shelving doesnt offer enough. 

Cupboards and Drawers

Both our cupboards and drawers can be positioned neatly under the main workstation. Our drawers are ideal for smaller components or tools and although our pricing is for a single drawer multiple can be used. Cupboards are ideal for larger items and like our drawers can be positioned under either side of the table. 

Louvre Panels

Attached to the uprights at the back of the table for small lin bins or other suitable storage compartments. Similar to our drawers the pricing specified is for one but you can have as many as you need whether they span half or the full length of your bench.

Electrical Options

We can tailor our tables for almost all industries. Other industrial uses such as in assembly/production lines or repair centres. These usually have different requirements to our standard tables or packing stations

Electrical Sockets

We can either supply 6 way standalone extension leads, twin 13A sockets attached directly to the surface of the bench or for a more tidier looking finish PVC trunking spanning the length of the bench with twin 13A sockets installed at an optimal position. 


Our most popular lighting solutions usually involve an upper support bar with a standard light fitting attached above to improve working conditions, we can also offer a LED version for improved efficiency if required. The switch for the light can generally be positioned on one of the uprights but as usual this is up to the customer.